52 Qualities of Prosperous Writers | Humility

On February 25, 2010 by Aimee

Christina Katz’ newsletter came out again this week and in it she talks about “Humility”. I have a BIG thought on that. And I have little, more humble ones too. 🙂

I love her 52-week series because it lets me think about myself. Now, one might say that the fact that I think about me isn’t quite in line with what she is getting at this week, but I think it is. Give me a sec and I’ll show you.

In May of last year, the economy hit my area … finally … and it hasn’t let up. As I watched my business struggle to keep up, had to get even more creative to find customers and then realized changes needed to be made to move forward, I sucked it up, let go of my pride and did just that. And it hurt.

So, when January 2010 rolled around and I picked one word for the year, I picked “me” because somewhere in the last five years I’ve lost a little of “me”.

Stay with me, I’ll get to the humility part.

In taking the time to evaluate my work, my writing and my personal needs/wants/desires, those of my family and friends and others, I’ve come to find more peace with “me” and that has translated to more time for others. I caveat this to say peace doesn’t mean patience when it comes to my kids. Oh no. Not them. 😉

Now, by spending more time working to the benefit of others (in this case editing, critiquing, sharing, helping, spreading ideas, etc.) I have benefitted.

Perhaps my experience of the last year-ish has humbled me, worked to reduce pride that added to some level of arrogance or superiority that I didn’t think I’d had on display, but actually did.

The time for “me” is also a time to see what I can do for others and I’m pretty darn sure that’s going to be a blessing for both of us.

Cheers to being humble. 🙂