Firefly Lane | Book Review

On January 3, 2010 by Aimee

I finished Firefly Lane, by Kristin Hannah, a few weeks ago and then took a book break as NANO came upon me, Christmas hit and then I had three new books to add to my collection. So, this is delayed, but worth a read if you want my opinion on the story.

Quick Synopsis — not the plot though
The book starts in the 1970s with the introduction of two barely-teen girls and proceeds through to their forties. The entire book is their relationship and all the “stuff” that happens to them and the stresses on their relationship. We see the 80s, the 90s and the changes in the world as well as their growth and maturity and again, how their relationship changes and morphs as they get older and follow paths that while completely different, have a thread of similarity.

If you love a good girlfriend story, this is one.

The Good
I loved the writing! Having been somewhat of a 70s kid, I could feel some of what was written (though most of my memories are in the 80s and beyond). The bond of friendship is something I could only wish I had (though I think I do in a different form). It’s strong, promising, breakable and able to be reunited. I loved that about it because that’s how women are. Fickle yet forgiving.

I love that the story spanned such a long time period. I could feel and recognize each decade as it changed in the book — from the rotary telephones to cell phones for example. You’ll see that as you read it. It was great to see *my* life (the progression of it) reflected in someone else’s.

There is a ton of emotion in it too. Of course there would be in a girl story! 😉 There is guy stuff too, but the reality is it’s a girl book. I love Johnny — just as everyone does. He’s a good guy and worthy of everything he’s given. You’ll see.

The Bad
I’m a happily ever after kind of girl and this does not fit my model. 🙁 I wish I’d known what would happen, but I’m also glad I didn’t because then I probably wouldn’t have read it and would have missed out on the great story that it was and the inspirational message it gives about the strength of friendships (and the value and necessity in them).

It was also a bit looooooong. There were a few times I had to skip ahead because there is SO much detail in it. I found myself reading those first sentences and moving on — having lost nothing by doing so. Sometimes, description is good; sometimes it can be cut. While the story arcs do seem all necessary and were well tied together in the end, it just went on and on …

In the end …
I highly recommend Firefly Lane. 🙂 A beautiful story and no, I think the ending couldn’t be different.