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On December 3, 2009 by Aimee

aimee_laine_logo_finalApex, NC – December 1, 2009 – In a move called ‘bold’ and ‘risky’ and ‘supremely awesome!’ by her fans, award winning photographer Aimee Bickers is set to reinvent herself January 1, 2010 with the relaunch of her company as Aimee Laine, LLC.

In March 2005, Aimee set out to create a new photography studio in her home town of Apex, NC. Successful doesn’t come close to describing the studio’s community involvement, philanthropic generosity, artistic strength and economic impact. Portrait and wedding photographers worked in tandem in Apex and across Wake County and into other parts of North Carolina to serve and support their clients, personal and corporate alike.

Since then, the studio has received numerous awards, such as the 2008 Apex Chamber of Commerce Small Business Award and the 2009 Bride’s Choice Award and most recently, we nominated for a Maggie Award. At the top of their proverbial game, one wonders why a change is set to take place now. Says owner Aimee, “For the past [almost] five years, we’ve worked hard to learn the art of photography, to build a brand and to create a place for ourselves within Apex. As we’ve grown, we’ve expanded by adding photographers with specific skills and educational backgrounds. We’ve found a new vision and direction. In order to accomplish our new goals, to recognize their individual achievements as photographers, we must relaunch. The new Aimee Laine, LLC will do just that.”

In an age whereby a business must be seen over five times to be remembered and viewed a dozen or more times to be accepted as trusted and still needs the strength of word of mouth confirmation, the new Aimee Laine, LLC will have its work cut out for them. “We look forward to breathing fresh air into our work and into our business model,” says Aimee adding, “we’re ready to showcase the behind the scenes efforts — those that weren’t always visible under the Pure Expressions name. Trust me when I say, the art is on its way to the front.”

Just how different will the new Aimee Laine, LLC be? New colors, new logo, new website. Most of the same people. “We’ve got a base of fantastic customers and staff that have seen us through thick and thin — from myhouse then one studio and the next. We’re established here in Apex and that’s where we’ll keep our offices, but we’re going to add people with fantastic photographic ability — who see photography not just as a means to an end, or a hobby, but as art. And we’re going to find them around North Carolina.”

One more significant change? Aimee’s title. For that, you’ll have to visit the website January 1, 2010 when it launches officially. In the meantime, it’s business as usual at the studio in Apex. Just be on the lookout for the fantastic in just a few short weeks.

Aimee Laine, LLC & Pure Expressions Photography represent the photographic, creative and artistic vision of Apex resident Aimee Bickers. Using a casual, conversational and observational approach, the studio photographs pregnant moms, brides walking down the aisle, and everything in between, in the Apex based studio and on-location. For more information, please visit or call 919.362.9039.

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