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On November 13, 2009 by Aimee

Photography ClassApex, NC – November 13, 2009 – Photographer Aimee Bickers is set to teach a series of five photography classes in early 2010 at her studio in Apex, North Carolina.

The classes, offered Friday afternoon for children thirteen and under and Saturday mornings for adults (or children thirteen and older) have been designed around those elements of photography that most skip when they fail to read the manual. “I photograph children and families that own the same cameras I do. Is that because they are professionals? No. Is it because they want to be? Nope. They just want a really good picture and figure it comes from a really good camera.” Laughs Aimee, owner of Pure Expressions Photography.

Like most folks who own a digital SLR, the manual stays hidden — often still in its wrapper — within the confines of the box in which it was purchased. Pages never creased, binding never broken, the camera too gathers dusts in the cracks of the wheels and dials that never get turned. Friends suggest locations for a do-it-yourself-er and they are tried, tried, tried
only to find the images are dark, blurry, out of focus or blindingly bright.

And still the manual is ignored.

Now there is hope. Hope that one day, normal people, not just the professionals, can understand more about how to use their digital camera with the fancy interchangeable lenses with too many buttons. Want to know what the flower means? Aimee will teach about it. Should that wheel accidentally change to T or S or P or A? That’s in a class. How do the professionals get all that “cool blurry” stuff in the background? That just might be a trade secret. Or not.

Classes cover buttons, dials, ISO, aperture, white balance, shutter speeds, lighting concepts, composition, natural light, artificial light and one segment on post processing. “Most people think the camera should do everything, when in reality, the photographer must take control and must also understand that the camera is only the first step in making the most
out of imagery,” says Aimee.

To learn more about your camera, to register for a class or to get more information please visit or call 919.362.9039.

Pure Expressions Photography represents the photographic, creative and artistic vision of Apex resident Aimee Bickers. Using a casual, conversational and observational approach, the studio photographs pregnant moms, brides walking down the aisle, and everything in between, in the Apex based studio and on-location. For more information, please visit or contact Pure Expressions Photography at 919.362.9039.

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