Book Review | The Lost Symbol

On October 27, 2009 by Aimee

I truly enjoyed The Lost Symbol. Call me simple. Call me common. Whatever it is people were complaining about in the release of this book, I don’t understand. It was a great, fast read and I enjoyed it as much as I did the Da’vinci and Angels & Demons.

I loved the pace of the book … it was always moving, quickly switching from one scene to the next and pushing the story line along.

It kept me wanting more … with just one exception. I had to skip over some of the stuff about the bad guy. 🙁 I don’t like icky stuff and there were a few scenes that led me to believe they were heading to a dark place I wouldn’t like, so I had to skim and get back to the storyline, rather than back story.

It caught me off guard! I did NOT see the ending coming and I pride myself on my ability to do just that! Normally I pick up on the ‘Who dunnit” early on … whether in a book, moving, tv show, etc. It’s uncanny actually, but I totally missed it this time. 🙂

I wonder how much of the science and ‘stuff’ in the book is real. I love how it all seems real and the author can make you believe … but is it real? I don’t have time to look it up, so I can only assume … it is.

I want to read more. 🙂 I love Dan Brown’s writing … just love it. 🙂 Kudos to him for another great book!

So, all in all, if you like thrillers without a lot of bad language, tons of reference to science, art, history, geography, etc. that is or may be real, mixed with all sorts of ‘stuff’ that might be made up, then this is a great book. 🙂

Happy Reading!