Recognized at Target. :)

On September 16, 2009 by Aimee

I am SO flattered! Though I’m sure my mystery introduce-ee thought I was nuts.

Picture this …

8:30 pm at a Target. Register line is full — completely full — of groceries which piling upon themselves begin to tumble off the conveyor belt. Woman is yelling at two small, super-cute, curly haired girls that certainly could do no harm, to sit still and please stop whining while handsome pre-teen catching falling Honey Nut Cheerios as it slips from its perch atop the bread.

Super-cute-irritating-girls come run back and forth to a bench while woman continues to keep an eye on the register to ensure no items are double charged, prices are right, etc. Glasses on, hair falling down — woman hasn’t been home for a moment since departing at 8:45 am that morning.

Tired? Ragged? Haggard looking perhaps?

And still I was recognized. 🙂

To quote “Are you the photographer that wrote the book?”

Why yes, yes I am. Now that I have more time to say hello … let me say how cool it is to meet a fellow writer in the middle of the line at Target while shopping. 🙂 Next time perhaps my urchins will be at home (which is the norm) and I’ll have time to chat.

Coffee? Tea?