I got a notation in the Arboreality Festival of Trees 39!

On September 1, 2009 by Aimee

It’s not just about writing, but writing with a specific theme/purpose or target. I had JUST written Nature Girls when I saw something about it, so of course, had to submit. And, tada! It’s been mentioned!

This quote from her site … which I recommend you check out because there is TONS of info in just one post. You could probably read for hours or find the bits and pieces that suit your interest! 🙂

From Arboreality’s Hidden Among the Trees – The Festival of the Trees 39

Author Aimée Laine remembers her roots clearly in creating her short creative nonfiction piece Nature Girls. I was (ok, I AM) one of those girls running barefooted into the unknown. Laine artfully articulates the mystery, anticipation, and discovery to which the forest lends itself, complete with tree-bridge photo, inviting you to cross into another world.

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