Book Review | Dewey

On September 29, 2009 by Aimee

DeweyAlong with my monthly writing chain, I am also participating in a reading chain this week. Before me is Emily Veinglory who wrote about Running Dry.

I am a reader of simple, happily-ever-after books and Dewey, recommended by my Mom was most certainly a top pick for me. I was so impressed with it that my son (12 years old) came to me the other day and said he’d finished all his books, did I have any?

Why, yes, sure … how about my Nora Roberts collection (I own almost all of them) or any number of other not-so-steamy romances, not quite appropriate for him? Luckily, on the top of one of my piles (sorry, no shelves) sat Dewey, written by Vickie Myron.

Dewey is the account of a library cat, saved from freezing weather, who was raised and lived his entire life in the library — with the town librarian, Vickie herself. As the story unfolds, we learn all about Dewey and his antics as well as Vickie’s “antic’s” in pushing her library forward technologically.

The two are inseparable, except between 8:00 pm – 8:00 am and they feed off each other — support each other.

Now you might say, “What? How could a cat do that as a main character?” Well, obviously it’s not a work of fiction and I have to say “How could a cat not?”

I am a serious cat lover, so the book was right up my alley and the story, told so realistically with emotion, feeling, tons of humor, reminded me so much of my own relationship with some of my cats — no longer with me. 🙁

Dewey is by far the star of the show, but he’s not the reason for everything that happens, nor all the detail in the book. He is, however, where many patrons of the library and of the town placed their “hopes.” He’s their inspiration and lives up to his role in a stellar capacity.

I laughed, cried and hugged my cat — who I should add did not like that and scrambled to get away — as I read the book.

It’s lighthearted with a beautiful story, told in a welcoming and simple voice that any cat lover — or book lover — will be able to sit with and know that’s exactly what a smart cat (and librarian) would do.

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