Mirage : New Summary! Like it better? I do!

On August 9, 2009 by Aimee

Sarah Hannon delights in the lives, laughter and love she captures at Intuition, her studio. As she takes a final shot during a session, she unwittingly finds herself with a secretly predestined responsibility linked directly to her talent as a photographer.

Ryan Reeves, owner of security firm Aegis, covertly keeps tabs on his baby sister, May, who habitually brings trouble wherever she goes. When he finds himself involved in the investigation into destructive events linked to May’s employer, he also finds possibilities with her boss.

As Sarah learns that the origin of her role lies with a secret family legend in which she has the ultimate power, she must decide whether to share her abilities with Ryan, a man she’s learned to rely on for her safety and that of her staff, or to let them both go.

Sarah and Ryan begin their relationship with secrets neither expects to divulge until they realize just how intertwined their lives really are.

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