A model in the making or maybe just an update. :)

On August 26, 2009 by Aimee

My hairdresser, Anna Smith at Studio 180 Salon in Cary is the best. If you don’t go to her … um … why not? Didn’t I just say she is the best? 😉

So, anyway, she sent one of her customers my way (just like we send our brides and High School Seniors and intimates customers her way) and boy did WE score big!

With a much needed quick turnaround, these were shot yesterday and are being viewing tomorrow! 115 total photos from 12 different outfits, 12 different backgrounds and 5+ “poses” with each outfit. Craziness. It took 3 FULL hours, but I gotta tell ya … I don’t think I’ve laughed as hard as I did for those hours in a looooong time. 🙂

I mean c’mon. Put one model. One Mom. One Photographer and one stylist in one room for three hours? What do you get? No, that’s not a joke with a punch line, it’s real and it brought out fun!

Just to prove it, here are a few (only a few because if I didn’t limit I’d show them all) from our night together …