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On July 1, 2009 by Aimee

Instead of writing (which is what I should have been doing) … I’ve spent my evening reading (which I also love to do).

Tonight, I went through the plethora of online forums for writers, in an attempt to find one or two that might spur my interest and level of writing. So, here are the three (ok, four) that I’m going to spend my time on for the moment.

Books & Writers Community

Writers Digest

Absolute Write

And here is one more that I haven’t read a lot in yet.

As a budding photographer (four+ years ago) I spent a lot of time reading and getting acquainted with my new career. So, to be a part of these forums would, in fact, be much like the start I had years ago. Does that then mean the success we’ve had with the studio will bleed over? It very well could!

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