What do fireworks mean to you? To me : Tempered Passions

On July 25, 2009 by Aimee


Tempered Passions

She remembered with vivid clarity.

The night sky enveloped them in solitude. Invisible to all, illuminated only by the twinkling lights from high above, they could see no one but themselves. The simple touch behind her, through the thin sheath of her blouse, sent shivers of anticipation through her small frame.

His arms came around her and pulled gently as she let her body sway toward him. Her own arms reached upward, encircled as she laid her cheek against the firm, ripples of his chest. She envisioned the moment to come with controlled impatience.

The sounds of silence encircled them as she turned to share the riot of emotion that boiled within. His eyes, the color of night at its darkest, met her own. Acceptance reinforced burning desire.

He leaned toward her in measured steps. She tilted so the plane of her face could meet his. He withheld, an extra moment to savor, she thought. Her breath hitched as he lingered, steeped in the joy of wonder as his smile escaped. The strength of their resolve unleashed, they hurled themselves into one another.

She closed her eyes and let the ecstasy of lips, brushed one upon the other, fill her mind. Explosions like blazing fireworks infused her vision with mesmerizing color and disappeared as quickly as they materialized.

After twenty-five years, slips of wind cooled by nightfalls passed, tempered the passion they could once barely control.

Photo credit : Malissa Dunn

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