Summer Tradition

On July 8, 2009 by Aimee

The following was submitted to the Triangle T.R.A.C.K.S writing contest on “Summer Traditions.” I’m sure everyone in my family, at the very least, will get it. 😉

Feet discolored from dirt and grass, I stand. The sun shines overhead beating down on my shoulders. My pulse races in anticipation as I take one step forward. Only ten more to go.

The passing breeze does nothing to quell my body’s need for refreshment. It acts only as a reminder of the thickness of the air that surrounds me.

My pace quickens. My heart flutters. The glistening blue entices me to run. Faster.

Only five more steps.

The grass thins as countless toes have dug in, preparing for launch onto the tired, worn, broken wood of the deck.

Three more steps.

Up once. Up a second time. The undulations and small crests hit the side wall as I scope out my place. The sounds of my friends and family resonate in my ears.

“Do it!” they all yell in encouragement.

One more.

The underside of my foot registers with the sideboard. It will take one last measure of momentum. I lower my hands to my sides, close my eyes, and hold my breath. My knees bend naturally as I press with my toes and push with all my might into the air.

My arms raise as my legs release from the support below. My body flies into the air as I curl into a ball and yell.


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