Short story for today : Close

On July 16, 2009 by Aimee



He extended his arm across the back of the rusty, metal frame as he leaned forward to breathe in her scent – one that lingered no matter where he found himself.

The abrupt motion of the immense circle startled him.

He inhaled deeply, letting the spring air calm him as he forced his muscles to relax. His car oscillated, its rhythm a balance between nature’s breeze and the wheel’s rotation.

He was ready, had been for nearly a year.

When he reached the peak, he closed his eyes and whispered. “I love you.

The car made its way back down slowly, repeating its long voyage upward.

From his pocket, he pulled a cube of black velvet, soft against his rough palm.

High above the trees again, visible only to the clouds he could nearly touch, he closed his eyes once more, clenched his hands together and whispered. “I will always love you.

He fit his body firmly against his seat as he neared the ground, prepared for one last upward pull.

As his car rose, he turned his face to the sky overhead. With arms outstretched, raised toward the heavens, he embraced the wind and whispered. “I will see you soon.

The engine’s pace slowed. Passengers disembarked.

As he reached the base, he placed the small box in the space next to him and patted it twice. With the measured steps of the aged, he walked away.

Photo credit : Emily Camp, Pure Expressions Photography