Recommend some books for me to read!

On July 21, 2009 by Aimee

I do a LOT of reading. I’m either working, reading, writing, reading & walking (yes at the same time, why is that so hard to believe?), or photographing.

I write the stuff that I love to read — the something’s wrong and I gotta fix it, but there will be a happy ending kind of book. I prefer the more superficial – don’t make me think – kind of stories because I just can’t get into the deep stuff. I live in the deep stuff.

I don’t like it when kids are kidnapped, women are raped or tortured or abused or stories are completely realistic (what most would probably consider literary fiction). Conflict is a natural part of life, but don’t kill of the favorite characters!

Sure, there can be deep moments, but I want to take myself outside of my own world to read … that’s probably why I read a lot of romance, chick-lit, fantasy and mystery (along with Dora, Diego and Backyardigans with my girls). 😉

I can’t read Nicholas Sparks anymore because someone dies (or died) in every book! 🙁 Sorry if I just gave away the premise of his books. I just don’t want to cry tears of sadness, but I will cry tears of joy and triumph. I couldn’t get into the Shack (and I tried three times!).

I also can’t stand weak-willed women. Probably a reflection of me (sometimes), but I must absolutely have strong women. Southern is a-ok as long as she’s not the damsel in distress. Oh my goodness …

And as much as I love romance, erotica is NOT on the list. I love a good love story! 🙂

So if you have a book you’d recommend, post the name and author here and I’ll either buy the book (if it fits the budget) or grab it from the library!