Absolute Write July Blog Chain

On July 14, 2009 by Aimee

I’ve signed up for a blog chain. Essentially, the last person, asks the first person a question and they post it in their blog with the answer. The blogroll I just setup shows the writers that are participating (out of order since it seems mine has automatically alphabetized mine!)

The actual order is as follows:
DniC http://four-lettered-words.blogspot.com/
BigWords http://bigwords88.wordpress.com/
Fokker Aeroplanbau http://rightfarright.blogspot.com/
harri3tspy http://spynotes.wordpress.com
razibahmed http://www.blogging37.com/
Forbidden Snowflake http://www.alleslinks.com
bsolah http://www.benjaminsolah.com/blog/
jen.nifer http://www.liveimust.com/blog
Lady Cat http://www.randomwriterlythoughts.blogspot.com

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