Wake Forest Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting

On June 12, 2009 by Aimee

Thursday morning, Michelle Sanderson and I headed to downtown Wake Forest — to the Chamber of Commerce actually. The Chamber held their regularly scheduled ribbon cutting. Not your every day normal ribbon cutting — this one was for businesses without the physical presence in Wake Forest. That’s us!

Our studio is in Apex, but we’re getting quite active with the Wake Forest Chamber. I should amend that — Michelle is active with them since she’s our primary go-to girl in north Raleigh.

It was a pleasure to meet the Chamber staff and see how they operate! They were very welcoming!

If you see their economic development banner in the conference room? We did those photos! 🙂 Tell ’em we said ‘hi’ when you see them!

To prove that we were there… here is our ribbon cutting photo!
PEP ribbon cutting at Wake Forest Chamber of Commerce

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