Me, myself, but not I

On June 10, 2009 by Aimee

So that probably sounded weird. But, these photos aren’t for me … exactly. And yet they are. 🙂 What do I mean?

Well, some of you know that I have an alter-ego. Perhaps more a split personality. Who really knows? 😉

What I do know is this — when I became a photographer, more of my artistic side began to emerge. I’ve played the piano since I was five, other instruments along the way, became a photographer four years ago and now thanks to countless influences, I’ll pursue a writing career.

Why? Why dive into yet another genre of work? One that doesn’t, in so many cases, pay well? 🙂

To put it simply? I truly enjoy it.

I did the same with photography four years ago which as you can see the fruits of my labor of love have grown wonderfully.

The same will be true with my new endeavors.

My first novel, as of today, is finished!!! I, like so many aspiring authors, am “shopping” for a publisher. Will I be the next Rowling? Meyers? Roberts? No one knows, including me, but I have had a LOT of fun writing this my first book and starting on a second even.

To those, my loyal photography followers … fear not! I am just as dedicated as I ever have been. 🙂

To meet the “new” me, please visit my new website, Aimee Laine or just enjoy the photos below, taken by one of our own — Malissa Dunn at her Dad’s farm north of Durham (near Hillsborough).

We had a ton of fun with this session, on horseback, in a bar, with a cat, changing clothes out in the open with nothing but farm “wilderness” around us. To Malissa, I say Thank you! You did a fantastic job!


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