Let's Dance … Cary!

On June 18, 2009 by Aimee

Can you imagine? Don your best, most tight fitting, sparkly dress. Grab your three inch heels, Pull up your panty hose, apply liberal amounts of makeup and get just the right curls into your hair. After pulling, squeezing, shifting, maneuvering and finally proclaiming that you’re ready … walk out onto a thirty foot stage, with peers, family and strangers in attendance and …


No, you can’t just shake your butt, hold on to him and let him lead — you gotta dance.

Salsa. Meringue. Waltz. Polka. Two Step.

It’s a routine, pre-designed, practiced, repeated over and over until you’ve got it just right. With your partner you move from one end of the floor to the other holding your head up high, keeping to the rhythm of the music all the while, probably, hoping beyond hope you don’t mess up.

This group did a fantastic job at the Spring Fling for Let’s Dance Cary.

Congratulations to all the fantastic dancers, hobbyists, amateurs and pros!

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