Pure Expressions Photography adds natural light studio

On March 25, 2009 by Aimee

Apex, NC — March 25, 2009 – Pure Expressions Photography adds its 20th option for in-studio photography with a natural light studio.

Pure Expressions Photography, a rapidly growing full-service photography studio started in 2005, has added a natural light studio to its in-studio photography options. “We’re very excited to have been able to add this area in our studio. While we love the control our studio lights give us, natural light has a quality that cannot always be described,” says studio owner, Aimee Bickers.

Light is critical to image creativity and quality. Today’s photographers are armed with light of all kinds, both natural and “man made”, though natural light has long been a revered source of lighting in the photography industry. Many photographers today brand themselves exclusively as “natural light photographers” in part because of the beauty of sunlight.

The photographers of Pure Expressions often use natural light when working on-location, but, until now, have created their images using artificial light in the studio. “Now we can use our lights in our main room or when it’s dark and use the sun too,” says Aimee.

The natural light studio, located at the front of the Pure Expressions Photography studio, is the 20th background/set option currently available within the studio’s walls. “Over our four years, we’ve added traditional drops and painted our walls. In January, muralist Erica Aday painted two abstract murals on one of our 17-foot walls to give us two additional options. Our design on the natural light studio is one of simplicity and elegance to go along with the beauty of natural sunlight,” indicates Aimee. The natural light studio has been set up much like the wall of a formal dining room, with hardwood flooring, a high chair rail and large floorboard against a soft yellow wall finish.

Pure Expressions Photography represents the photographic, creative and artistic vision of Apex resident Aimee Bickers. Using a casual, conversational and observational approach, the studio photographs pregnant moms, brides walking down the aisle, and everything in between, in the Apex based studio and on-location. For more information, please visit www.pureexpressionsphotography.com or contact Pure Expressions Photography at 919.362.9039.

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