Congratulations Ellen and Dave!

On October 23, 2008 by Aimee

Ellen and Dave tied the knot October 11th at the Magnolia Manor Plantation Bed & Breakfast in Warrenton, NC. Warrenton, if you don’t know … is north of Louisburg — about as far north as you can get before hitting VA. 🙂

It’s a beautiful old manor house that shows no disrepair, thanks to the loving touch of its owners. The Carriage house is magnificent as are the grounds. You can see that Sheila and Larry really do love their house! And I think that’s why this wedding was a wonderful success there!

Loved this shot of Dave walking up the aisle. We, as photographer, often capture the bride going up … and I did of course, but I just loved this expression. 🙂

The manor house is old (though you wouldn’t know it with how well it’s kept!) and so with this shot, I could resist giving it that old flare.

Tada! Married!

Who doesn’t love a kiss?

Look at that sunset! How awesome!

And of course, no wedding is complete without cake! 😉

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