Congratulations Heather & Greg!

On June 5, 2008 by Aimee

Heather and Greg were married May 24, 2008 at the Bambro Plantation near Oxford, NC.


The plantation house was built in the early 1800s (I think) and is just absolutely gorgeous. The owners rent it out mostly for weddings and events and otherwise, simply enjoy it! They have decorated it with many antiques, which create a calm and grace about it. And, of course, gorgeous seating for a bride to be!


The grounds are beautiful — and, for some fun, we used the old swing attached to the big oak tree for several of our photos — the bride even did some swinging on that old swing! How brave give it was BEFORE the wedding. 🙂



Luckily, her groom didn’t push her off. 🙂

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful. There was a bit of a wind problem … causing a repeat-repeat-repeat action on lighting the unity candle, but it was, eventually a success.


It’s incredibly fun for me to photograph weddings — and not just the bride and groom — but everyone else … like this little blue-eyed blondie.


Afterward, the plantation house hosted the reception too. There was food and drink galore, including the mini hot dogs, which along with the cream puffs, were the hit food! 😉


Of course, no party is a party without some drinks!

nor without dancing …


nor without photos …

And of course “the kiss.” So, ok … this isn’t “the kiss” … but there is a story behind that one … so this one was a bit different. 🙂


I have now photographed this bridal couple three times and each has been just as much of a joy and pleasure as the previous session. It has been amazing to be a part of their life this day and to know that they will grown in each others’ loves from this point forward.

Congratulations Heather & Greg!

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