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On May 1, 2008 by Aimee
May 1, 2008 Year III, Issue V
A Message from Aimee
MayApril showers bring May flowers … or so they say. It’s something that we expect to happen and will continue … forever. It’s a renewal of life, as the trees and flowers fully bloom.  It’s the way the earth lets us know it will continue.

This month, we look at families and symbolically, how they relate to the word “forever.” It’s a word that makes us think “way back” and to the future at the same time. It’s a word of duration. It brings a sense of permanence, of history, of hope.

Those we’ve lost will be in our hearts forever. Those we love will be on our minds forever. Those we cherish will be with us, in some capacity … forever. Celebrate them all this spring season.

At your service,

Former President Bill Clinton!
mmmmI had one of the *most* amazing experiences on the last day of April. I was afforded the opportunity to photograph Former President Bill Clinton right here in Apex! It was part of Hillary’s campaign of course, but it was Bill that descended upon Apex. I talked with him (albeit briefly) and photographed his speech, his meet and greet and lots of handshakes! It was an amazing experience. If you’d like to read more about it, we’ve placed a short synopsis in our blog as well as placed all 189 images online!
Moving Moment
mmThis image is truly a moving moment. If you haven’t met Suzanne, this is, unfortunately, the only way you will. Suzanne was a loving wife, mother and beautiful woman, who made her way to heaven well before her time.

She will be missed by her family as well as by all those that were a part of her life, even if just briefly.

Hug your children, your spouse, your pets, your friend today, and do so in the memory of a wonderful woman.

Moving Moments Calendar
Proceeds from the calendar supports Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, an organization in which Aimee volunteers her photographic talent and studio resources. To read more about NILMDTS, visit (but have the tissues on hand first!).

Volunteer of the Month
As you may know, I am a volunteer photographer for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, an infant bereavement photography organization. Our goal, our mission, our ministry if you will, is to provide photographs to families suffering the loss of an infant. These are the babies that were supposed to go home in the arms of their parents and instead go home in our cameras. These are the babies that tried hard to live and just couldn’t; were born too early and modern medicine could only learn from them, not heal them completely. These are the angel babies that meet their heavenly father before they spend a considerable amount of time with their earthly families.

nilmdtsNow I Lay Me Down to Sleep is not for the “faint of heart.” It is emotional. It is heart wrenching. It is also joyful.

I have been a volunteer since September 2006 and in that time have photographed over 45 infants and young children as part of this organization. I am also the Area Coordinator, recruiting other photographers, working with the hospitals (Duke, UNC, WakeMed and Rex are all active participants) and of course photographing. It is an organization I truly believe in and truly believe does God’s work.

I have been in, hosted and provided training as well as had many lunches, email and phone conversations with photographers and families. It has been an honor to be in this position and to hold this “position” albeit one that “earns” me absolutely no money — families do not pay for our services.

Being a part of NILMDTS has humbled me in more ways than one.

And now, I have been rewarded as the first “Volunteer of the Month” … the very first. In a national organization of 4000 photographers, *I*, little ‘ole me in Apex, NC was honored as the “Volunteer of the Month.” I am truly blessed to have been honored this way. Honored, blessed and humbled again.

May’s Free Print
This Mother’s day, celebrate FOREVER by including Mom in the story. Receive a 5×5 hard cover, miniature, duplicate (a great gift for Grandma!) of your purchased Storybook.
May’s Free Session
May is Older Americans Month. In keeping with our FOREVER theme, we are offering a Free A La Carte Family session to any family that includes Grandma and/or Grandpa.
Other Goodies
Mommy & Me
Through May 10th

Class of 2009!

$25 for you!
Dogs Day of Summer

June 20-21, 2008
dogs day
 Featured Family

The Mishoe Family


A family of three add one and become a family of four. With the definition of “average” family changing on a daily basis, these two see themselves as different and unique. 

“There are so many definitions of what a “family” truely is.   Families without two parents, families with all pets and no children, families with a hoard of children, extended families under one roof…etc. I don’t think any of us are “average” or “the norm” anymore,” says Caroline.

mm2This family of four (which includes a three year old Boxer named Macy) considers themselves unique because, as Caroline notes, “My husband and I are both only children, and now have our first child.  We have a unique perspective on being only children, especially as we get older.  We intend to have more.” 

When it comes to creating memories of their family, the uniqueness continues. There first session was at their home, just after returning from the hospital from the birth of their daughter. They chose this location, because it was the “best location for a five day old.” Their daughter, currently a six month old, started her photographic career in her musician-dad’s guitar case, and then took a stroll inside (yes, inside) her Mom’s pageant crown. mm3Though Mom notes that she’d use their home for a future child, she also notes that a dream location would be on her parents farm in South Carolina.

Like so many families of today, this group opted for digital image files. Having a digital camera has certainly taught them the true value of those digital images. Caroline notes that she, “shares with family, scrapbooks, [and created her own] birth announcements,” with the images taken at their very first session.

mm4Having their own digital camera has not deterred them from professional photography. According to Carolina, she wanted, “timeless, quaility prints to cherish for many years.” She adds, “Aimee came highly recommended and after chatting with her on the phone, I was sold by her enthusiasm and experience.  My only regret is that we didn’t know her sooner…Engagement, Wedding, and pregnancy photos from her would have been awesome.  We tell everyone we know!!!”

Luckily for Caroline Aimee’ll be photographing this beautiful girl regularly as she is part of the Baby to Toddler program, designed for children from birth to two years old. The program, which includes the family session Caroline refers to and these most recent photos from their six-month session will help to capture her growth and development in six-month intervals.

Mishoes … thank you for being our featured family for May!

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