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On March 3, 2008 by Aimee
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March 3, 2008 Year III, Issue III
A Message from Aimee
MarchMarch in NC. It’s either freezing cold or the flowers are blooming … sometimes just a little too early. It’s not something we can control of course, but with even just the thought of
springtime just around the corner, we’re already pulling out the shorts, dusting off the gardening tools and complaining about our bathing suits being too small, yet again.

Just as time passes, so to do the family moments. Do you remember when your son asked you if he could call you “Mom” instead of “Mommy”? I do.
Do you remember when your daughter got her own band-aide instead of asking you for one? I do. Do you remember when your spouse gave you a
rose for no reason other than to surprise you? Ok, now that one’s got me stumped. But I think you get the point.

Time is fleeting. Memories are all we have sometimes. Portraits preserve moments. They capture, in an instant, that one moment of time … forever.

What moment will be next as a memory in your life?

March Featured Family

The Hauser Family

hauser1One of very few families to “fall into professional photography,” this trio (quartet if you count Hello Kitty, who has in fact participated in a session) includes a set of working parents, one gorgeously cute and hysterically funny little blondie, lives in the northern part of Raleigh where, like all families, they take life “one step at a time,” says Mom … Fran.

hauser3Back when Pure Expressions Photography was in its owner’s home, Alexis (also kindly regarded as “Alex”) was a test subject (also known as guinea pig) for Aimee. “When Aimee was starting out, I was very interested in her work and offered to do test shots for the different techniques she was learning,” says Fran.

Two test sessions in the very first studio, and two studio sessions at the Chatham street studio and this family is hooked! They’ve remained indoor for their sessions, using the studios. “I love the simplicity of the decor, and didn’t want to deal with unpredictable weather,” says Fran. On the flip side, at a friend’s outdoor birthday party, the ball-pit image (to the right) was captured and has been a conversation starter for nearly two years! As a former studio sample, it is now a conversation piece in their house.

hauser2With so many sessions under her belt, we wondered what Fran does with all her portraits. She noted that she hangs her portraits on her walls, puts prints in albums, at her office and shares with family and friends, like most of us do. However, she’s more inclined to purchase digital image files than any other product. Says Fran, “I love the fact that if something happened to the prints, I could just re-create them. I have saved copies of the digital images to a CD and have put them in my Safe Deposit Box to ensure I will never lose them.”

hauser4As a working class family, flexibility has been a key factor in the success
of their portrait sessions. “I work full time, and I love the flexibility that we have when scheduling the appointments. Alex came down with hives a few days before we were supposed to have the photos taken, and Aimee was very accommodating by switching it to another day,” said Fran.

Given that Fran, her husband and daughter started as test subjects and have grown with Aimee, we asked her what draws her back? Why choose to drive to the southern part of Wake County? Why be shuffled from one studio to the next? Why? “I love how Aimee handles Alex. She is so caring, and it is obvious she loves what she does. The cutest part was when Alex wanted to sit on her lap. There was no way to get a picture of her there, but Aimee handled it with finesse. I love the way she captures Alex’s true personality in the pictures,” says Fran.

Fran, Jonathan, Alex … thank you for being our Featured Family!

Moments Calendar
mmOoooh! Another teeny tiny one! I got to meet this little angel on a super cold, fretfully windy, icy and snowy day in January! What a pleasant surprise, to be introduced to her in the warmth of her home, with her parents and big “guard” dogs. 🙂

Proceeds from the calendar supports Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, an organization in which Aimee volunteers her photographic talent and studio resources. To read more about NILMDTS, visit (but have the tissues on hand first!).

Images that were not selected will also be included in the calendar and have “first dibs” in the
“buy a day” program. Get details on the 2009 Moving Moment Calendar.

Events & Important Dates
bunnyPrincess the bunny making her modeling debut!
Photographs with her Saturday, March 8, 2008.
By appointment.
*There is still afternoon space available.
firstcommunionFirst Communion Portrait Sessions

are FREE in 2008!
If your son or daughter will be celebrating his/her first communion in 2008, we’re here to help commemorate the event with a portrait!
beachWe’re goin’ to the beach!
Join us at Carolina Beach this fall as we enjoy some fun and cooler sun … and oh yeah, throw in a few portrait sessions!

Wanna Take a Photography Class?

Aimee will be teaching a four-part series at the Halle Cultural Arts Center in Apex starting in May.

Registration begins March 31st through Apex Parks and Rec.

Class is limited to 10 people! More details will be posted online mid-March!

Pure Expressions Photography Special
Bring the ones to whom you are most FAITHFULand receive a 5×5, four-image, digitally matted, mounted and sprayed collage, with purchase of any “Artist’s Choice” session.
Kidzpiks Special
Last chance for a reduced session fee. $29 until March 31st.

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