Making a few changes …

On March 25, 2008 by Aimee

To all Pure Expressions Photography customers … thank you for sticking with us as we’ve been building out Kidzpiks and it has seemingly taken over the Pure Expressions world. 🙂 Because of its tremendous growth in such a short time, we have chosen to separate the two companies.

Why the change?
I (Aimee) want to put my artistic focus on Pure Expressions Photography. It is through Pure Expressions that you’ll get to work with me exclusively. Because my time is split with both companies, one as photographer and one as owner, I just can’t do as much photography. 🙁 I know, so sad! I need to make this change so that I can give my proper attention to *my* work … *my* art … and *my* customers. When you work with me, you will be my focus. I just have to limit it a bit. With that being said … I will still try to accommodate people’s schedules, I just encourage you to book as far out as possible to ensure you get time you really want with me.

What about Kidzpiks?
Kidzpiks? Ok, that’s mine too, but I don’t photograph for Kidzpiks, I just own it and make up all the rules (isn’t that the cool thing?). We have two, wonderful photographers who are Kidzpiks studio photographers for the Apex location. They will help you and guide you and be your Kidzpiks resource.

The separation …
The two will continue to share a studio in Apex, but many other important elements will be split.

We’re separating the blogs.
Yup! Pure Expressions (my work) will be Pure Expressions. Kidzpiks now has a new home!

Kidzpiks Blog

We’re separating the phone number.
Despite the fact that 1000 brochures have the “old” number, we’re changing it. Now, you can call Kidzpiks directly without even going through Pure Expressions! But don’t worry … we’ll still talk to you if you call the “wrong” number. 😉

Kidzpiks’ new phone number is: 919.655.0432.

Newsletter vs. specials notification
The monthly Pure Expressions Photography newsletter will also be exclusively Pure Expressions Photography. If you’d like to get Kidzpiks specials and information, you can register by filling out our contact form here … Kidzpiks contact form. Kidzpiks emails will be “random” based on specials and upcoming events. Pure Expressions Photography will include the monthly newsletter and mid-month update as needed.

Less printing!
I will say, that we are going to try to “go-green” a bit more and will be printing less and less, participating in group-published magazines and using online resources more and more. So, if you want your coupons and specials and what-nots, please ensure you can get email from the following addresses:

Online shopping system
One othe part that will remain together for the near future is the shopping cart … but if our development team has it’s way, that will be split, with a new system, “soon” — just know that “soon” is extremely relative. 😉

Ok, that’s about it for now. Thank you for being so patient with us as we grow!

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