February Featured Family — The Lasters

On February 29, 2008 by Aimee

The Laster Family
laster2.jpgThree boys ages 3, 7 and 13. Four boys if you count Dad. They outnumber Mom four to one, but you’d never think that when you meet them. They are family through and through. The Lasters, an Apex family with what they consider “a life that always stays interesting given the 10 year spread between the boys”, joined Aimee for a family portrait session in 2007.

Says Missy, “As our family grows it seems that it goes so fast and before you know it the oldest one is going to be off to college and it is just a fun time in life right now with all the boys.” We all know growing up is part of life and as parents we often want our children to stay small, but just cannot keep them that way.

laster1.jpgThe Lasters had their session in the studio and would choose to do so again because “with all boys, (including a three year old), a confined space was best,” says Missy with laughter. Next time though, they may choose an outdoor location, simply for variety.

With a family of five, location wasn’t the only factor in their choice for photography; it was convenient. Their first session was postponed due to one boy’s illness, but was rescheduled during one of the boys’ early release days and Dad “just came on his lunch,” an easy way to accommodate everyone.

laster3.jpgThe Lasters were auction winners from Turner Creek Elementary’s 2007 festival. “I actually picked up the [Artist’s Choice] package at the school auction and am so glad that I did because it was such a great experience that if I could choose anyone to do it it would be Pure Expressions,” said Mom.

As part of the auction package, the Lasters received a CD of their images, a set of 4×6 prints and a collage. According to Missy, she’ll use the CD to print images for her family … her extended family, of which there are many members. But it wasn’t just sharing that motivated this family to bid on the auction. They wanted wall portraits … images they could hang in a group over the fireplace. For that, the family acquired a 20×30 of the family and two 10×20 images, effectively creating a group that represents their family today.

laster4.jpgTheir images were a true reflection of their family. Said Missy, “I really enjoyed how [Aimee] worked with the kids, no matter if it was the oldest one or the youngest one [she] could get them to do what [she] wanted them to do.” The only exception? The family didn’t include the two dogs or the cat in this session. Maybe next time.

Missy, Dad, boys … thank you for being our featured family for February!

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