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On January 31, 2008 by Aimee

Every month, a unique and wonderful family is featured on our site. This family is one that has worked with us at Pure Expressions Photography and deserves some recognition! With all the changes, we wanted to reintroduce you to this family … the one who’s had the greatest impact on the success of Pure Expressions Photography to-date. And so, without further adieu…

The Decker-Bickers-McGovern Family
As Aimee’s biography describes, she doesn’t do all this alone. She has the support of a wonderful husband, three awesome kids and some people hidden in the background that don’t get the attention they deserve!
These people are Aimee’s family.

While it hasn’t been a case of “blood, sweat and tears”, these guys have been the backbone to the creation and support of Pure Expressions Photography.

So let’s meet these folks …

Bickers2Grandma & Grandpa
First there is Grandma and Grandpa … two 60-ish-somethings who are great with dust cloths, painting ceilings and napping with the grandkids. They are great for lending a hand wherever is needed, writing checks when push comes to shove and offering advice from experience. These two have been Aimee’s motivation from day one … literally. These two are one (of the many, for sure) reasons Aimee finished her bachelor’s degree and just “had” to get a Master’s Degree.

Unfortunately, these two aren’t within walking distance of the Apex studio, but they aren’t far. Their roots though, stretch far and wide, reaching Seattle, Washington, Chicago, Illinois, the Detroit area of Michigan, the little town of Cunningham, Kansas and farther north to Minnesota. When needed, Mom and Dad, aka Grandma and Grandpa are there.

Steph and Shawn
From there we go to Steph and Shawn, Aimee’s sister and brother-in-law. Perhaps it was all the work on the first Pure Expressions Photography studio that gave them the “renovate” bug and subsequently pushed them to renovate a 1930s home in Greensboro, making it the beauty of Walker street.

Both graduates of UNC-Greensboro, she with her Masters in Early Childhood Education and he with a degree in History, these two are well paired. They love old houses and live in a 1920s bungalow themselves, with an always smiling Boxer named Bruno.

They aren’t far from Apex either, with just an hours drive when needed. Luckily for them, their duties tend to be babysitting because their nieces and nephews (read about them in a bit) just love to hang with their “Steffie and Shawnie.”

Then there is Ron … Aimee’s shoulder, her support, her best friend, her tormentor and motivator, her book keeper and money spender … her IT guy, advisor and all around awesome husband. Without him, Pure Expressions Photography would still be in 75 sq. ft. in their upstairs bedroom and it would have nothing but one window for light. Things certainly wouldn’t be as awesome as they are now.

A private pilot by formal education, and computer-geek by experience, this self-taught-everything-guy and Aimee have been a pair for over 19 years … yes, you read that right …. 19 years. Neither are out of their 30s, so we’ll just let you do the math on that one.
While not an obviously active part of Pure Expressions Photography, this guy handles all the back-end stuff … everything you don’t see that makes the business run effectively, efficiently and beautifully … such as the new website and the new Kidzpiks website! He’s the saving grace when it comes to that end of the business… and Aimee’s heart.

Joseph, Emily & Abby
And finally, certainly not to be forgotten, nor excluded, are Aimee’s kids. Two were her inspiration, three are her constant practice models. All three have been wonderfully supportive and excited about their Mom’s work. They are great for sweeping, washing windows and cleaning bathrooms when properly motivated (read that as : pay me money, mom!). Joseph, Emily and Abby are Aimee’s prides and joys and one of the many reasons photography has been such a passion.

As any mom of a pre-teen knows, they can be tough cookies. In the midst of life with a pre-pubescent boy and preschool girls, some days can be crazy, but it’s exactly the kind of life to enjoy, revel in and capture in photographs. Why? Because in an instant, they are gone … grown up and talking about you in terms of how thankful they’ve been to have you in their lives.

To everyone in Aimee’s family … thank you, thank you, thank you and have a wonderful 2008!

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