Announcement #2 — Kidzpiks!

On January 1, 2008 by Aimee

We are proud to introduce Kidzpiks!


Kidzpiks — with all sorts of good information online here … … is our new photography line made just for kids. And how, pray-tell, is it different than Pure Expressions Photography?

Well first of all, your photographer’s name … she’ll either be Lara or Michelle — depending on the day you come. 🙂 No, Aimee will not be photographing Kidzpiks sessions, but she will have her “name” written all over Lara and Michelle’s work. Aimee is the “secret sauce” seen after Lara and Michelle’s talent creates the images.

Secondly, Kidzpiks sessions are short — just 15 minutes. We know your lives are busy and we want to help! And they are made for kidz UNDER 10! No rushing … we can get a lot done in 15 minutes. Your time is your time and we honor that. We set aside time to work with you during the photography session AND to help you best choose your photographs … at a LATER time. Two trips are WORTH it … trust us. But, we only work with ONE kid at a time. We want them to exclusive. No exceptions. This is for them and only them. Make it special. Make it kidzpiks.

Thirdly, it’s cheaper. Ok, that probably should have been the first thing, right? Well … the packages are $99-$399. Yeah, it’s still more expensive that those big chain places, but that’s because we follow a custom photography model.

So, come visit us online. Come visit us within the Pure Expressions Photography studio. Let us know what you think and how we can help!

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