On November 29, 2007 by Aimee

Grandma and Grandpa moved from “way up north” to “way up north North Carolina” a few months ago. They have this beautiful old home in Oxford … in the midst of a ton of other gorgeous old homes. I was given the pleasure of photographing this family because Mom is a wonderful friend of mine from college! Isn’t it cool when you can mix business and pleasure and even better when pleasure wins! I LOVED using their house and it’s contents and history as a backdrop for family photos!

Of course, we had a dual purpose in this session as Master Jack turned 2!

Oh my goodness I loved setting this one up. That’s three generations right there. The littlest about the embark upon his life’s journey. Generation number 2 in the middle – watching his son and generation #1 in the back, basking in the glory of son and grandson. How awesome is that?


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