October Featured Family

On October 1, 2007 by Aimee
Each May we celebrate our mothers on Mother’s Day. It’s a time to specifically recognize the hard work our moms do in our lives each and every day … and in some cases, give them a break … if just for a day.
For this Mom, Mother’s Day was its own celebration of motherhood, but it as also a time for her to take stock in what she has and to celebrate the bond and relationship she has with her daughter through photographs.

Rachel, a single Mom of one beautiful little girl, lives in Raleigh, NC. It was her goal to have beautiful photographs created while her daughter was still young. Better yet, it was a goal to have photographs of the two of them together; photographs that clearly show the love, the bond and the happiness these two share as Mom and daughter.

There is no better way to preserve and hang on to the memory of childhood or to capture the true bond between a mom and her child than through photographs. While Rachel owns a digital camera, she says it’s just “a cheap one” and doesn’t do justice to the beauty that is her daughter. Therefore she turned to professional photography.

As a working Mom, Rachel scheduled her session around her ‘9 to 5’ job. She chose a late afternoon time for her hour-long session, after she completed her daily work activities and after the end of her daughter’s day in school.

Rachel chose to have her photographs made in the studio, where the focus could be exclusive to the relationship she shares with her daughter; a location she’d opt to use again in the future. Their session resulted in several outfit changes, which Rachel says was part of why she enjoyed her session at the studio. The fact that these two are really cute together, in their matching blue jeans added to the “fun factor.”

We asked Rachel what she planned to do with her photographs. She indicated that she displays them on the walls, on shelves, shares with family and archives them. One particular image became the centerpiece of her living room and her daughter’s room, chosen specifically to “feature her princess.”

In the case of this session, copies were given to family and friends in both print and via email and a CD of a select few has been placed inside a fire safe box as an archive for later years.

To build on and to truly emphasize the “fun factor,” Rachel brought her daughter’s dance costume, tutus and a few special new treats to their session, including a fairy princess wand and flowers. After the Mother-daughter part of the session, she let her daughter play dress up and dance in front of the camera, resulting in an incredibly meaningful and wonderful storyboard memory.

The end result of her photography session? “We look happy together, as any family should.”

Rachel … Alaina … thank you for being our featured family for October!

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