Congratulations Lauren & Daniel!

On October 31, 2007 by Aimee

I have SO much fun when photographing a wedding. There are so many little things that happen that *I* get to catch … a sidelong look, a glance, a “moment” — all these moments in time that might never ben seen … but I see them and capture them and memorialize them … forever!

Yes, it’s a job, but it’s such an amazing job! This wedding was no different! I was absolutely honored to be chosen to photograph this couple, to work with her parents and his, their family and friends.

And Daniel … thank you for all that you do!!

The bride … on her way up two flights of stairs from her getting ready spot.

This was an interesting wedding photographically. It was only the 2nd time I’ve gotten the opportunity to watch a wedding I was in charge of photographing. There was no ceremony photography! We recreated as much of the ceremony as possible afterward. But what a treat for me to sit and watch!

Sneaking a peek back as she begins her walk down the aisle.

I had to giggle at these two … their kiss lasted quite …. quite …. well … quite a while! 😉


I’m 99.99% sure I know what caused this little giggle. 😉 But I’ll never tell. 🙂

It’s images like this one (and the one above) that make opening, editing, finalizing and reviewing these images like Christmas for me. Every one is a new present!

And finally … all the little details that people forget about. Isn’t it “all in the details”? 🙂



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