September Featured Family : Elissa & Kevin

On September 1, 2007 by Aimee
In December 2006, a cute, petite Mom-to-be, who, it turned out, was nearing the end of her pregnancy (not just starting it) wanted to document her pregnancy with maternity images.
hahn_2902alt.jpgKevin & Elissa celebrated her pregnancy together, incorporating images of the two of them as well as that of her burgeoning belly. This family chose professional photography because, as stated by Elissa, “the moments that were being photographed were special memories and I wanted a special way to show them.” For this first session, these two braved Aimee’s first studio, the tiny room in her house.

As a new family, living in Durham,
hahn_4549.jpg these two consider themselves genuinely happy, a trait, unfortunately, not every family can claim. They are, however, like most other families in that their day is routine … they get up, eat, play with their baby, go to work, come home, eat and sleep, only to start the process again the next day. Would they change it?

hahn_4642.jpg We asked Elissa that question, “I would not change any of it, except maybe the go to work part!” When Everrett graced this couple with his presence, time was of the essence to capture the smallness of their bundle of joy. Aimee joined them at their house just seven days after his birth.

The choice of location for their baby’s first professional photographs was as part of an exclusive program which allows Moms and Dads the freedom to stay home, remain in their fluffy slippers, avoid the possibility of unknown germs and ensure the capture of brand new baby images.

hahn-0036.jpgAccording to Elissa, “the ease and comfort of the session,” was a big plus. Elissa’s belly, Everett’s first photographs and now Everett’s 6 month photos, taken in the new studio, grace the walls and halls of the family home, have been shared with family and friends and generally brighten this family’s day. And what does this family say about their photos? “Fun, good ideas, AMAZING PHOTOS!”

Kevin, Elissa, Everett … thank you for being our featured family for September!

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