Aimee will be a Super Monday instructor November 12th

On August 10, 2007 by Aimee

To my photographer friends … I will be teaching a one-day course, in my studio, called “Remembrance Photography, the Ins and outs of Giving Back.” This is a Super Monday course, sponsored by PPA. To learn more, read the brochure. My course is detailed on page 8.

This event is open to ALL NC based photographers. If you’ve EVER considered being a part of NILMDTS or ACPCG or another charitable photographic organization, dedicated to remembrance photography, this will be an opportunity to learn before doing.

During this one day event (Monday, November 12, 2007) we will be discussing all the followin

o How to conduct the photography, what to bring, what to be prepared for
o How to deal with your emotions
o How to work with families, hospital staff, the babies
o We will talk with medical personnel.
o We may take a tour of the Duke University Medical center NICU.
o We will discuss how to get other photographers into the program in your area.

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