A new experience for me!

On July 24, 2007 by Aimee

I was given a neat opportunity recently, when I was asked to photograph a Greek Orthodox Baptism for a set of twins. These twins were so sweet and so cute and just so beautiful! And they were about as identical as I can imagine … knowing that my own confuse people all the time … I couldn’t even tell these two apart … but I could see their different personalities… that was clear as crystal. 😀

I have never been to a baptism in the Greek Orthodox Church … Catholic Church certainly and my own church, absolutely. This was a unique experience for me and one that was clearly very memorable and meaningful and rife with tradition for the family members involved.

It was my absolute pleasure to work with and for them during this wonderful occasion.

The interior of this church was just about as ornate as I’ve ever seen … at least in Raleigh. 😉




Who says getting dunked isn’t fun? Well … if you’d asked her sister, she would have proudly raised her hand! But this one of two was as happy as can be, raring to go before, during and after!

A fun family luncheon at Mama Mia’s on Cary Parkway … with festive flowers, wonderful food and lively spirits.

It’s hard work being the center of attention … but oh so worth it. 😉

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