The beach in October?

On June 1, 2007 by Aimee

Photographers around the country head to the beach in June, July and August, combining their own personal vacations with family beach portraits for their clients. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately?) my family is not particularly keen on the beach in the summer. Something about the bright sun, humidity and there being SO many people. 🙂

We enjoy going to the beach at the end of the busy season … for example the first week of October, which also happens to be the first Track out of the year for Track 4 students. Those of you that are new to year round, this is a BIG plus!

The beach is still VERY warm then, you can swim in the water, a trip down is “quick” without the congestion of traffic and the off season equates to a savings in lodging, meals, etc. and can be done as a day trip even! It’s just 2.5 hours to Wilmington and the beaches right there (which is where I intend to go).

If you are interested, intrigued or otherwise provoked by this idea, contact me by July 1, 2007 so I will be able to make the yes/no decision on beach portaits!

If you have a beach house that you rent and want a trade and/or a tenant for a week off-season, contact me too! 🙂

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