A little "Drew Barrymore" a lot Class of 2008 …

On June 24, 2007 by Aimee

This rising Senior is heading into a year full of excitement, anticipation, stress, worry, fun, laughter and just plain preparation for the “real world”. We headed out on a super-hot, super-sunny day to several places in Apex to capture her at her finest for a modeling portfolio as well as her Senior portraits. Think like a model …. you’re asked to stand in the sun, face the sun and not squint, look left, look right, hold that pose, hold that smile, hold that “look”. Over and over and over. Sit around, do nothing, then up for 2 hours.

This was nothing more than 3 hours of “torture”. 😆 But not really. I think she had fun … or at least *I* did! And, in reviewing a few of her images (many of which no one will ever see) I saw just a little “Drew Barrymore” in her expressions and features. It really caught my eye as I looked at the images. So while it was just a *little* Drew, there was a WHOLE lot of the class of 2008 in her.

Happy belated Birthday, too … her session was ON her birthday!




This will be everyone’s chance to say “I knew her when … “

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