Help me pick the next mini-session special! Win a $25 iTunes gift card!

On May 17, 2007 by Aimee

Ok folks … I’m out of ideas! (ok, not really, but I want your input! :D). So, let’s play a little game to get the brainstorming rollin’. Every so often I’d like to run a mini-session special. 10-15 minutes of photography, during a very specific time period and for a reduced session fee.

Previous mini-sessions include:

o Valentine’s Day
o Tutu & Twirl
o Tutu & Sit
o Indian Pow-wow
o Mother’s Day at Kid to Kid
o Blooming Rhododendrons

With full summer coming up, I know there has to be a neat option to try. So, help me put an idea together. Can be in studio or on-location. Think outside the box, but also inside. 🙂 No idea is stupid! All idea are worth considering!

The person with the chosen idea will get a $25 iTunes gift card and a free mini-session!

To play this little game follow these quick steps:
1. Vote on this month’s most Moving Moment here… VOTE
2. Send an email to: including the image number for which you voted AND your mini-session idea. First come first served on ideas … and they must be submitted after a vote and only via email. 🙂

All votes should be submitted by or before May 27th for announcement in the June newsletter!

Have fun! Happy thinking!

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