A travelin' family!

On April 5, 2007 by Aimee

These guys have been around the world and back and *I* (me, little ole me) was given the opportunity to photograph them right here in Apex! This was no traditional portrait studio session, this was one of those times I love to take advantage of the surroundings in my little town.

Not a mile from my studio, exists an old house, currently the home of the Apex Historical Society. The house sits vacat most of the time but is open to wander the grounds during the day. I LOVE this house. It has amazing character and even at high noon, it casts shadows and has open spaces perfect for portraits.

The combination of house and family suited these images wonderfully. Take a look…


Now this one was “accidental”. We were heading out to photograph JUST mom and dad and the boys were attempting to find a non-prickly spot. When I spotted this through the camera, I couldn’t resist a snap. And, in black & white (the color version is beautiful too) it’s so moody and perfect!


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