On February 9, 2007 by Aimee

You know why I love my job, soooooooooo much? Because I get to meet all sorts of people. Big people, little people, in between people, double people, tall people, duplicate people … people, people, people.

And when they are teeny tiny people, they are even better!! They are scrunchy, sweet, do the unexpected 😉 and are just in general the *best* kind of people.

Take this little guy for example. He’s my newest favorite person! No one will *ever* be able to resist that hair! I LOVE his hair!!


But I also loved that this one would smile! Only one other time I’ve seen babies this little smile. He must be one HAPPY baby, because he was FULL of smiles and at the time these were taken, he was a TOTAL of 11 days old! I hope he’s smiling like this until he’s 100 years!!


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