The last dance

On August 12, 2006 by Aimee

Normally, i don’t post a photo until I have uploaded the gallery for my customer to see. But, I have absolutely fallen in love with this one and just cannot, cannot, cannot, resist posting it. This was the VERY LAST photo I took, and actually had to pull the camera bag out of the bag because I’d filled the card and turned off one of my lights.

In any case, when I flipped the switch on the light, the backlight was still on (we were just talking). Kelsey was seated exactly like this playing with her ballet shoes. But, the tilt of the head, the light from the back told an immediate story. One that said “this is the last dance”. Or, “that was the last dance”. I don’t know. I was so incredibly MOVED by it that I was in awe.

I know I don’t normally do black & whites and even in color this is an amazing photo, however, in black & white the story goes one step further, as if it really was, the last dance.


Thanks Kelsey, for being my guinea pig. You have NO idea how wonderful this is to have captured