New purchase system!

On August 18, 2006 by Aimee

Pure Expressions Photography & Save My Kid’s Art have a NEW purchase system. It’s 100% completely online and will feature both photography sessions as well as Save My Kid’s Art products. The system will not be 100% active until September 1, 2006 when it is officially released, but right now it’s consider a “Beta” and I need some testers!

If you have a moment, go to

There are three galleries right now.

The Save My Kid’s Art gallery is public and open. You can shop to your hearts content and purchase anything you want. Go through the whole purchase process and enter this 100% discount coupon code 0220c1c0 so you can actually submit the order.

There is also a private gallery that you must have the code to access. It’s not listed on the site, nor visible anywhere until you enter the Access code of 2879e055. Use the same coupon code here if you want

And finally, there is a public gallery that requires an access code. It is visible on the main entry screen too, but you have to have the code to enter. The code for it is e131ba19. This one has a 50% early bird discount. 🙂 Try it out too!

Note, none of these purchases will be fulfilled at this time. So don’t get all excited that it’ll really all be free!

Login, use the codes, view the slideshows, listen to the music, shop and let me know what you like and don’t like. The more input I get the better as my plan is to use this as my primary purchase mechanism ongoing!

Send all feedback to Aimee by or before August 31st as it’s going live September 1st!

Ps … in return for this small (or large — however you see it) favor, for all those that actually register with full information, I will send you a Save My Kid’s Art linen bookmark as a thank you. At launch, however, all your information will be purged.

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