Apex's documentary on the "Stanley Angel's"

On July 9, 2006 by Aimee

At 6:30 pm, on a quiet, shop-lined street in the heart of Apex, NC, the Stanley Angel’s rolled through… not once, not twice, but six times! Why? Because the director of a documentary film on the “Best Sports fans” chose Apex as his filming location. I joined the crowd, not in the capacity of crowd, but of photographer, specifically for the Apex Herald (our local newspaper!) but also to challenge my photography skills and to have a bit of fun.

All I can say is that it was LOADS of fun and the craziness was uplifting and exciting and just a goofy evening to close out the weekend. Out of 128 images, approximately 30 were provided for potential publication by the Apex Herald … but there is no guarantee that they will be. If nothing else, I learned A LOT about event photography from that little adventure! 🙂

While the “Stanley Angel’s” was a group of grown men all dressed as fanatic fans, the littlest Carolina Hurricane’s fans were by far MY favorite subjects.


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