Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3 …

On June 9, 2006 by Aimee

It’s time to do some specific testing of some new equipment. If you have 20-30 minutes to spare, and are interested in being a guinea pig or letting your kids be guinea pigs, please contact Aimee. There will be absolutely no cost to you for the session and, breaking out of my traditional model, I’ll give you a mini-print (4×6 print) of your favorite photo for free (but there will be no rights to reprint that one)!

These mini-session tests will be very specific — specific dress, specific background, etc. for purposes of testing equipment. Only one test session will be offered, per day, during the testing week.

All test sessions will follow the same model — agree to the terms, the session will be confirmed and there will be a one-week review period for proofs from which to choose the mini-print.

If, during these tests however, I come out with the show-stopping photograph of the year and you’d like to buy it, you are more than welcome to do so at the regular prices.