It’s hard to stick to your beliefs when it means the loss of love.

Several weeks ago The Boy and ‘a girl’ who shall remain nameless...

29th Jun
Valentines Lovers Vector Illustration

Freedom to Read Blog Hop with prizes! :) Are you free to read??

Thank you, up front, to “I Am A Reader, Not A Writer”,...

28th Jun

Happy Birthday to The Boy!

I don’t have any pics of him in digital form from when...

28th Jun
The Boy

Just what is the secret to getting free stuff??

Ever since I had my twins … identical twin girls, by the...

25th Jun

“Road rage” in email form. How do we avoid it?

Over the course of 18 years in corporate America, I’ve had some...

22nd Jun
Girl Playing a Computer

Do you know why debut author Stephanie Lawton wrote Want? I do! It’s inside!

She wrote Want as a way to deal with the epic culture...

20th Jun
Want by Stephanie Lawton

Are all nail techs experts on eyebrows? ‘Cause they all ask if I want mine waxed. Um ….

No? Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not a trendy sort of...

19th Jun
Unhappy sheep

If you saw it, would you read it? Crossing Hathaway by Jocelyn Adams #ReadOrNot

About the front: Raspberry and blue … two of my favorite colors...

18th Jun
Crossing Hathaway by Jocelyn Adams

Are you … lovestruck? I am. Regularly. With every male …

Thank you, up front, to Under the Covers and Bona Fide Reflections...

15th Jun

Clear my Shelf! Someday, my “book room” will actually be one … someday. Someday.

Thank you, up front, to “I Am A Reader, Not A Writer”...

14th Jun
clear your shelf

It’s a first date with debut author Rebecca Hart! Does she get a second?

Ellie and Daniel left me no choice. The two of them wouldn’t...

13th Jun
Call of the Sea by Rebecca Hart

Surrender’s book trailer is here!

I hope you enjoy! Now, tell me what you think? I love...

12th Jun
Surrender’s book trailer is here!

Happy Birthday to my lovely 8-going-on18 daughters!

The following is the email I sent to family and friends on...

11th Jun
Birthday cupcake

Apparently, my favorite answer is ‘no’. But maybe that’s because it’s how the question is asked … #TiWiWf

Is this what all answers to all questions look like in your...

08th Jun

So lost in thought, I forgot to pick up my kids. #TiWiWf

Whoops. I remembered as I pulled into my own driveway … as...

07th Jun
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