Crisis of the writerly kind … or is it a chicken and egg kind of issue?

I’m having one of those moments. It’s a moment all writers will...

07th Feb

I believed Lance Armstrong …

The Tour de France biker doesn’t know me from the mouse in...

01st Feb

Are there just too many books? If so, why do we keep writing them?

This thought hits me … well … pretty often. Yes, I’m an...

29th Jan

What do you really want out of 2013?

First off … Happy New Year! Now that that’s been said, I...

02nd Jan
Happy New Year

I may not be a New York Times bestseller, but notes like this make me feel like one.

I received this note yesterday: Dear Ms. Laine, My name is MichelleM...

29th Nov

It’s hard to stick to your beliefs when it means the loss of love.

Several weeks ago The Boy and ‘a girl’ who shall remain nameless...

29th Jun
Valentines Lovers Vector Illustration

Are all nail techs experts on eyebrows? ‘Cause they all ask if I want mine waxed. Um ….

No? Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not a trendy sort of...

19th Jun
Unhappy sheep

So lost in thought, I forgot to pick up my kids. #TiWiWf

Whoops. I remembered as I pulled into my own driveway … as...

07th Jun
Photo by

Not a day for words. A day to remember.

We cherish too, the Poppy red That grows on fields where valor...

28th May
usa flag

Is it weird that I feel guilty for being happily married? #TiWiWf

When I asked my husband this, he laughed at me. Rightly so...

27th Apr

How have you helped your kids through the death of a beloved pet?

Our little Squirrel (really a guinea pig) died last night out of...

14th Mar

Do you share your good experiences as much as your poor ones? #TiWiWf

Isn’t there a saying that a person will share a bad experience...

12th Mar

Do you have 1st world issues or 3rd world issues? #TiWiWf

On Sunday, at church, at the awesome, Hope Community Church, Pastor Mike...

24th Feb

Would you agree that without rules, there is chaos? #Rant

[I am a conservative, Independent and proud of it!] The way I...

03rd Feb
United States Constitution

How did your 2011 turn out?

2012 is less than a week away … six days in fact....

26th Dec